Trust the Doc EXTRA

September 20, 2023 - 17012 views
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TRUST THE DOC EXTRA: Wednesday 20th September 2023

Presented by Neil March on Exile FM


First Up

Altered Images: Sentimental [Excerpt] - Theme Tune


New On The Block

Grete: With U

Angry Itch: Duckshoot

Starlite & Campbell: The Voting Machine

The Bitter Mass: The Dancers

The Last Ghost: The Floorboards

HCK9: Go Down Together (feat. LinaDrae

Jade: Read The Room

The Burning Feathers: Can’t Escape From The Sun

Spearmint: The Candle Is For You

NANAUWE: Land Back  (feat. LAVVA)

Ezul: Magic Wand

Ellie Walker & The Folly: Sink Or Swim

Shai Brides: Getting Gun

Dekker: For Repair

Harry Wearing & Tasha: Falling For You

Ocean Dust: Two-Faced Girl

Fan Girl: Falling

Jody & The Jerms: Seen It All Before

The Bedside Morale: Safeworld

Alan Dreezer: Take Me Back

Meatraffle: Smallest Gang


Saturday Tracks

Roger Burke: Footprints

Tom Houston: Everything In The Delicatessen

SAER: I walk the line

The Farm: Feel The Love

NX Panther & Amani Greene: Jashu


A Few More Bangers

Nia Archives: Bad Gyalz

BC Camplight: I’m Ugly

Blur: The Narcissist

Ezra Collective: Togetherness

Sun’s Signature: Golden Air

Bleach Lab: Nothing Left To Lose


Show Closer

Otis Redding: I can’t turn you loose