Sunday Brunch

October 25, 2020 - 9552 views
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The latest edition of Sunday Brunch, available for one week from publication:
As Sunday Brunch gets cleared away and put into the pre-podcast dishwasher, here's a list of the delights sampled this autumnal morn:
1. Dixie Dregs – Take it Off The Top (Intro)
2. Big Big Train – The London Song (Prog Preview)
3. Genesis – Dusk (Featured LP)
4. Kate Rusby – Friday I’m in Love (New Music Showcase)
5. Bob Marley & The Wailers – Redemption Song
6. Bruce Springsteen – If I Was The Priest
7. Mike Post – Quantum Leap (TTTOTW)
8. Damien O’Kane – Avenging & Bright
9. Camel – Who We Are
10. David Bowie – Sound and Vision
11. Genesis – Stagnation (Featured LP)
12. Michelle Shocked – Anchorage (Rocket III)
13. Lou Reed – Walk On The Wild Side (Rocket III)
14. Al Stewart – Modern Times (Rocket III)
15. Kate Rusby – Three Little Birds (New Music Showcase)
16. Big Big Train – Voyager (BBT Break)
17. Peter Gabriel – Sledgehammer (Live@11)
18. Peter Gabriel – Here Comes The Flood (Live@11)
19. Peter Gabriel – In Your Eyes (Live@11)
20. Yes – All Good People
21. Genesis – The Knife (Featured LP)
22. Kate Rusby – Everglow (New Music Showcase)
23. Keith Mansfield – Funky Fanfare (What’s On)
24. Horslips – New York Wakes (R3 Reveal)
25. Alicia Keyes – Empire State of Mind (Misheard Lyric)
26. The Beatles – Twist and Shout (The Ducky Lip)
27. The Beatles – A Taste of Honey (The Ducky Lip #2)
We had a good turnout on the Rocket 3 front too, with Douglas, Nick, Forbes (well done!) Angus, Dave B, Dick and Debbie correctly guessing the connection. As always if you want to know what it was you'll need to catch the podcast, available for one week to download and/or listen to right here from Sunday afternoon